Engagement through stats.

Let them know how they stack up and how to improve and advance.

Manage Sporting
events in real-time

Real-time technology allows Statistified to make sure scores, schedules, and
advancements are always up-to-date. Provide official stats as they happen.


Our intuitive, real-time Statskeeper is specially designed so you can keep up with the game as you record stats.

Attract Great Participants

Athletes, coaches, teams, and even officials choose sporting events based
on the caliber of the competition. Stats give them the data to choose your event.


The configurable live scoreboard updates immediately with stats from the Statskeeper. Coaches, spectators, officials and the media can follow along without any extra effort.

Give Athletes
Something to Share

Stats are the perfect sharable tidbits for social media
and lets participants relive memorable moments that create affinity for your event.


Statistified automatically Tweets interesting moments instantly as they happen Let friends, family and fans share the live experience through social media!

Many More Great Features

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